How to Find Joy In the Journey of Life

I have always understood and respected when people have put effort into my life. My appreciation for those people is immense, for without them, I would not be here today.

Realising the Joy is In the Journey

Nanny O’Neill was my paternal grandmother. She was a wonderful lady, committed to her family and doing everything she could for her children and grandchildren.

I didn’t know what I could do to pay her back for all she had done for me, except to give her the gift of my time.

I visited her weekly and loved these visits. I respected her enormously, and always made the time for her. When she grew sick, and was admitted to hospital, the number of people taking the time to visit her increased.

The day before she passed away, there were several people around her bed. She told them, “You’re all here now, but the person I’ve seen more than all of you put together isn’t here right now. Maybe it’s a bit too late for you.”

She didn’t hold back, she let them know that there was no use in going to see her at the last hour. Where were they when it had mattered, throughout her life?

It’s a lesson we should all take on. If you have people in your life who you care for, then be there for them. Be there to celebrate their successes, and to hold their hands when they can’t see the light. Appreciate them; never leave it too late to let them know what they mean to you.

Why Is the Journey So Important?

Research suggests that we regret what we haven’t done, much more than we regret what we have done. I share this ideal.

When things come to an end for me, as they inevitably will, I know I would regret it massively if I hadn’t continued to expand, or look for new businesses, or bring more people in.

I am striving to evolve throughout the years, becoming more of an advisor and a talker, and less of a “do-er”, however this means I need the right people behind me to become the “do-ers” for me.

Once I have the right people around me, and multiple income streams, then I will have reached my pinnacle. I will be able to begin a new journey as a philanthropist, giving away wealth and knowledge as I navigate through life.

Life really is an adventure, and it would be a disservice to my ancestors and their hard work if I were to sit back and let it pass me by.

Of course, there are difficult times, and it isn’t always easy to see or find the joy in the moment. This is something I often struggle with myself, as I constantly look forward to the next business idea or deal.

How Do These Life Lessons Transpire in A Working Environment

I’ve recently dealt with a matter with a business partner who has been excelling in their role, to the extent that they want to take some money out of the business that has accumulated thanks to their hard work.

It is well deserved that they are rewarded, however I think it is too early; by taking money out now, they could potentially jeopardise themselves and the business in the future. A turn in the market or supply chain could leave them vulnerable.

My job is to educate my business partner and teach them to see that the true wealth is in the journey, not in the premature spending of the profits.

Ultimately it is their decision, and if they do take money out, I hope they don’t live to regret it two years down the line.

I have first-hand experience of reaching rock bottom in business and it isn’t something I’d want this partner to go through, but ultimately, it’s their choice.

If it does transpire that it was the wrong choice, then I’d simply buy the business off them for a cheaper rate than its current worth, whilst remembering and reminding that the joy is in the journey.

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