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About Sean O'neill

What's My Story?

Although I have been a Liverpool resident for over 30 years now, that’s not where my journey began. I started life on a rural farm in Northern Ireland and it was here that my passion for entrepreneurship began.

From selling fireworks to school friends to hustling on the snooker table. Since making Liverpool my home I have bought and sold several hundred properties, travelled to 70 countries and currently operate over 30 businesses in the Liverpool city region employing 80+ people.

Recently I decided that I wanted to give something back to the people and city that has looked after me so well. So I decided to launch a series of initiatives aimed at helping the next generation of entrepreneurs needed to ensure that the city continues to thrive.


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Our time is precious

Why Meet Sean?

As part of my initiatives for 2023 and beyond I intended to meet and support as diverse a group of people as possible, I intend to achieve this through a Meet Sean Business Event, my Investment Fund strategy and consultancy opportunities with myself and my team of specialists. Jump on my email list for more information.

Meet Sean Cnsultancy
Throughout 2023 i will be taking on a limited number of consultancy appointments. I will also be offering access to my team through weekly pre-booked slots.
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I have been planning to launch an event for several years and finally now feel I have the right team to help make this an event that you won't want to miss. Sign-up to my email list for early access.
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Investment & Funding
Launching in 2023 will be my Meet Sean O'Neill investment fund with over £250k in business investments available to a diverse group of Liverpool entrepreneurs. Details coming soon.
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An Exclusive Invite

Join My Network

I have decided to allow a limited number of people access to my elite business network. These are some of my most trusted contacts and I'm excited to announce the Meet Sean O'Neill VIP Club will allow you inside access.

Launcing in 2023 my VIP club will feature some of Liverpool’s most successful business leaders across a diverse portfolio. From captain’s table events to exclusive insights and invites.  Be the first to know when we launch, places are limited and we expect demand to be high.

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Behind Every Entrepreneur

Is a Great Team

I’ve always said that my strongest asset is my team.  I’ve built a team full of people who share my passion and dedication so when you meet me you also get to meet them.  From marketing to finance, HR, funding and grants.  We’ve got you covered.

Lee Hill
Dawn Tolcher
Funding & Investments
Phil Cockburn
Abby Morley

Let's arrange the meeting of your life. Limited Days Available.

    We Met Sean O'Neill

    What People Say

    I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people, and many of them have now become friends.  The testimonials below represent a small cross-section of the people I have had the pleasure of doing business with. Let’s add your name to this list.  

    The Journey to Success.

    Meet Sean Blog

    My journey to success hasn’t all been plain sailing, this is my personal blog where I share some insight into what the journey has been like, some fo the scrapes I’ve got into along the way and my thoughts and ideas for the future. 

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