Guiding Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs, Today

Meet me, Sean O’Neill, and discover why continued growth and knowledge are the best metrics for success.

Meet Sean O'Neill


Business is what drives me, and my passion for business and success is innate.

Throughout the years, I’ve experienced tremendous success and significant loss; I’ve learnt countless lessons along the way, and I’ve always been committed to continuous growth.

The success I’ve experienced couldn’t have been achieved alone; I’ve surrounded myself with the right people who have accompanied, guided, and mentored me on this journey of life.

I’m now involved with a myriad of businesses, and as my success builds year on year, I’m in the fortunate position to evolve as a mentor, sharing my experiencing and guiding tomorrow’s entrepreneurs through mentorship, education, and personal development.

I want other people to succeed more than they do themselves. I want other people to succeed just as much as I do for myself.

Pillars for Success

My six support pillars have been carefully chosen to offer the support, guidance, and mentorship many business owners and young entrepreneurs find challenging.

With over 20 years in business and fantastic support from my carefully selected team, I want to share the processes and knowledge that have helped me become a successful entrepreneur.


MSO Partners is aimed at established businesses who want to explore a
potential partnership and gain access to expertise, team and network.


In my podcast, I meet entrepreneurs from across the region and beyond who will share their journey, the highs, lows, and decisions that helped shape their future. 


Join the exclusive MSO Club and meet like-minded entrepreneurs, from new business start-ups to successful multiple business brands. Held quarterly at some of Liverpool’s most prestigious venues.


Education, learning & support for the next generation of entrepreneurs of all ages, through a series of workshops, bootcamps, and school visits.  


My mentorship program is available to anyone who wants to develop personally and professionally, specifically people who want to get to the next level. Let me teach you the secret to my success.


A series of one-day events designed to inspire future entrepreneurs. Featuring keynote speakers and industry experts, this event will cover everything you need to grow your business.

New podcast drops every thursday

Having been an entrepreneur nearly all my life, my goal now is to help others navigate their own paths through mentorship, networking, and events.

In my podcast, I sit down with a wide range of people to get a glimpse into their lives and learn about their journeys.

We’ll share stories, insights, and practical advice along the way. Whether you’re looking for guidance, inspiration, or just a new perspective, you’re in the right place.